Phases of Friendship

Phase 2: Flourishing Friendships

Join us for the second of our 3-panel series called Phases of Friendship! 

This panel will offer a diverse perspective on friendships and

how they change and grow

throughout our lives.

Join us in May 2022 for the final installment of our series on friendship.

Phase 3: Last Friendships

will focus on the end phases of friendship, whether that result in an explicit separation or even a radical change in the friendship by a change in life circumstance. 


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Phases of Friendship

Phase 1: New Friendships

Phase 1: New Friendships includes panelists Clair, Treville, Eryn, and Jeanne and is led by Fe Co-Founder, Krista. After a brief introduction, panelists describe their general experiences with the beginning phases of friendship.

Watch the recording here:

Phase 2: Flourishing Friendships

In the second installment of this series,

Phase 2: Flourishing Friendships,

co-founders Krista and Amber will be joined by the other "misfits," Eryn and Anna discussing their unique friendship dynamics and how they flourish amidst many life changes!


Phase 2: Flourishing Friendships

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