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What We Do

We are a collective united with one goal: promoting friendship! Our team is a motley crew of average people growing together as friends and hopefully inspiring other people to do the same. 

Our co-founders, Amber and Krista, are two "iron" friends whose shared life experiences gave them a deep and profound friendship. At the same time, they are like fire and water, and in many ways like polar opposites. 

Friendship Explored (Fe) wants to take a deep dive into what meaningful friendships look like + keep each other sharp like iron sharpens iron. 

We promote friendship through four pillars:

1) Friendship Theory: investigating through authentic discourse,

2) Collective Medley: exemplifying the many facets of friendship, 

3) Gifts/Pains: sharing lived experiences, and

4) Practical Tips: inviting you to embark on the adventure of friendship with us!